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Digitalise marketing let you connect with the world.
Like any traditional type of marketing, digital marketing is another way to connect your potential customers online. It is one of the most powerful and popular online marketing tools right now.

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We specialise in boosting search rankings, leads, and online presence for your website.
Social Media

Social Media

We formulate the most optimal approach for your ads to be both effective and worth the value.
Content Writing

Content Writing

We help you achieve clarity and build a guided perception of your brands.
Visual Designs

Visual Designs

We create attention grabbing visuals to storytell your brand.
With tons of people using the internet every day, digital marketing is a very popular and big opportunity to promote your products or services for your customers online

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Sugar Coding provides a one-stop digital marketing services to grow your business via targeting the right customer. From Business Website to Facebook ads, we track your customers' behavior so that you can easily find out your target customer and choose the best advertising method to approach your potential customers.

Introducing our professional marketing service

The '3T' (Track . Target . Trade)

3T is a professional marketing system designed by Sugar Coding. It consisted of the word Track, Target and Trade.


We build a website that helps you keep track of the customer's behavior and get rich insights about how people use your website to understand their actions.


By analyzing your customer's behavior you can define your target market. Hence, decide which advertising strategy works best to reach your business goals.


Identifying your target market is the key to e-commerce success. Combining it with tracking your customer's behavior ensures a smooth business Trading journey.

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We understand that website is a fundamental brand identity, so if you’re looking for something that hit closer to your brand, we’ve also got you covered !


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